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Welcome to the official site of Matt Atkinson, where you will find out about their past work, professional background, and current projects. With a passion for visual arts, a deep understanding of great storytelling, and a thorough knowledge of screenplay structure, this Writer has mastered the art of creating compelling scripts and stories.



Some samples of Matt's work



Written in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, 'Everything is Totally Okay' comes from Matt's own experience during the period of lockdown the world went through. Taking his favourite technique of dark humour to approach his own mental health issues, Matt presents a rather truthful, twisted, and yet cautiously optimistic point of view through the eyes of a final year university student called Nate.



Winner of the 'Best Short Form' category in the 2020 Royal Television Society Devon & Cornwall Student Awards, 'Time is the Enemy' is a short film that features a philosophical/inspirational tone. The film showcases the concept that amidst the busyness of life, we often forget that we’re marooned on a tiny rock surrounded by the vastness of space - and even so, how beautiful that can also be. Incorporating his own feelings and love for the night sky, Matt's writing adds that extra human connection to the film.

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A project close to Matt's heart, 'And Dream of Love' was written for fellow filmmaker Daire Carson as his graduation film. Exploring the themes of loneliness and mental health within the LGBTQ+ community, the film invites audiences to experience life, love and sheer awkwardness the main character Stefan's tries to navigate as he becomes involved in the twists and turns of dating as a gay man.

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Scripts that are either in production or currently unproduced


Production Halted Due to the ​COVID-19 outbreak

Almost a letter to himself prior to starting his university experience, Matt wrote 'What Happened in May' for Filmmaker and Cinematographer Ivana Slavcheva as part of her graduation film project. When May meets Reme in an organic, beautiful dream, she thinks it’s a simple chance encounter. But with his constant reappearance in her dreams, cracks begin to form between May's perception of reality and her imagination. May faces a daunting possibility - did she ever wake up? An aesthetically-focused, atmospheric piece about the murky boundary between fiction and reality, while one girl is struggling to separate the two.


Production Halted Due to the COVID-19 outbreak

An oddly surreal piece filled with some quirky and slapstick humour that Monty Python would be proud of, 'My Monsters and Me' was written by Matt for Filmmaker Immy Prestidge. Inspired by the series Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, 'My Monsters and Me' follows an animator whose having trouble bringing back the magic of the old days. As his career and sanity slowly slip away, his own characters come to life - and deliver an important message to him.



Matt Atkinson doesn't always lurk in dark rooms with a laptop like in so many of the pictures on this website (Occasionally, anyway). Matt's fascination with writing began at an early age, when he became a keen reader and would devour books from the likes of Roald Dahl and J.K. Rowling. As he grew, his obsession with reading was quickly caught up with by his passion for writing, and even at a young age he was writing his own stories based off of his favourite books. Studying Drama, Theatre studies and Media at both GCSE & A-Level introduced Matt to the world of Script writing, and he never looked back. Now a Royal Television Society Student Award Winning Writer, Matt is currently in his final year studying BA(Hons) Film at Plymouth College of Art, having spent the last three years developing and honing his craft, and is now an essential creative partner for most of his cohort - showcasing his incredible range by bringing people's stories to life whether it be comedy, horror or anywhere in-between. Matt is a respected and sought after writer who can bring any person's vision to life on the page. When he's not writing bios about himself, (or writing in general) he can be found reading, playing guitar or exploring his hometown of Oesgstgeest in the Netherlands.



Have an idea but struggling to put it down in a script? Need someone to read over a project? Want quality writing, excellent communication and fast turnarounds? Get in touch with Matt via email or Instagram below!

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